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March 21, 2018

Osteoarthritis(OA) is the loss of cartilage in your joints as a result of wear and tear/chronic
repetitive activities and can be found in any one particular joint. Rheumatoid arthritis(RA) is an
autoimmune disorder where your body attacks your joint cartilage and is usually found on both sides of
the body in a symmetrical pattern (both wrists, etc.). Although there is no proven treatment/cure for
arthritis in the medical community, OA pain is usually managed with NSAIDS and RA with steroids.
Keeping active and maintaining a healthy weight is helpful, but for many it’s a catch 22- you
need to lose weight to be able to exercise and you need to exercise in order to lose weight. There are
many different herbs and supplements that can help manage pain, inflammation and possibly provide
some more joint mobility. I’m going to focus on a couple of those today.

Joint health advice from Dr Adam Lamb

For inflammation, turmeric , ginger, fish oil, pineapple, papaya, resveratrol, boswelia and long
list of other, more obscure herbs can help. I recommend taking a good turmeric supplement such as
APEX energetics “Turmero” ( a liquid variety emulsified with some healthy fat to aid absorbtion), as well
as trying to include it in your food as much as possible along with ginger and the fruits I mentioned. Fish
oil should be a part of your daily regimen as well.

Joint health advice from Dr Adam Lamb

Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been shown to be helpful in increasing joint mobility in many
people. These substances are part of normal cartilage and although have not been definitely proven to
help in studies, have helped millions and have no side effects as they are very safe things to consume (as
long as there is no allergy to shellfish as this is the most common source). To see if Glucosamine and
Chondroitin are right for you, I would recommend a trial period. If you’re taking pills, you’re going to
need to take one pill, 3 times a day for 3 months to give it adequate time to make a difference. I use a
liquid formulation that works a lot faster. You take ½ an ounce 2 times a day for a month and you
should see a difference by then. If you see a benefit, you continue as directed. If not, it may not be the
key for you.

Most quality glucosamine and chondroitin supplements will also contain some addition joint
mobility aids. MSM and vitamin C are crucial for collagen repair. The liquid glucosamine that I use also
contains MSM. SAMe is another compound found naturally in the body that helps with joint mobility
and chronic pain. As an added bonus, SAMe also helps with depression and anxiety. I’ve always thought
that if you have chronic pain, you will probably be depressed as a result and this connection makes
sense to me.

I really wanted to find Glucosamine that I could give to all my patients with joint issues. The Glucosamine that I would recommend to my patients should be easily absorbed and safe. After countless hours of research on existing products and their ingredients, I found a great liquid formula that would work quickly to improve joint mobility. This inexpensive and effective solution is safe for humans and even pets too. Give it a try!

Dr Lamb’s Glucosamine

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