February 14, 2018 Dr. Lamb's Advice


Every year, millions of people get sick with the flu, despite the fact that many of them had a flu shot. This may be explained by this: flu shots containing only 3 or 4 variants of the flu, but people are hoping that they will gain protection against the thousands of possible flu variants. Personally, I do not believe that ubiquitous flu vaccination is effective therefore I choose to opt out of flu shots. 

If you are currently sick with the flu, I do hope you get better quickly! This may come as a surprise, but visiting your chiropractor may be very helpful when trying to prevent getting sick or trying to fully recover from the flu you just had.  When my practice members miss a visit, I often tell them, “Life happens and it’s no big deal for having to cancel.  The only excuse I do not accept is that you are sick, for it is then that is the most important time to get in and get adjusted.”

Sick with the flu? Get adjusted!

Our musculoskeletal system is connected to the central nervous system. Every misalignment in the musculoskeletal system jams up the healing signals of our brain and prevents them from reaching the organs. Clear instructions that originate in our brain cannot reach the organs in a misaligned body. You will help your body to heal by aligning your spine and restoring that connection.

Most people would agree that the central nervous system is the control center of our bodies.  I think most people look at the immune system as if it is just reacting to foreign bodies, but I tend to believe that it is much more than this.  I believe there is a dynamic relationship between the nervous system and the immune system.  The fields of psychoneuroimmunology and psychoneuroendocrinology show that there is great interest into the study of these complicated connections.

Since chiropractic aims to enable full expression of the central nervous system and the nervous system has a very important effect on the immune system, it seems to me that if your immune system needs a boost, besides loading up on your antioxidants,  fat soluble vitamins like D, Echinacea and whatever other herbs that may have a positive effect,  GET ADJUSTED!

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Sick with flu? Get adjusted!

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