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Please accept this as my family’s endorsement and recommendation of Lamb Chiropractic and Wellness. Dr. Lamb has cared for me, for my husband and our five-year old daughter for several years. We have nothing but praise for Dr. Lamb and his staff.

My husband injured his back last summer. The injury eventually required surgery. Dr. Lamb and his massage team worked with my husband before and after the surgery to alleviate pain while helping his flexibility, strength and healing.

My daughter and I see Dr. Lamb for regular adjustments as well as relief when symptoms of cold or flu arise. His adjustments and direction help maintain our immunity and the duration of the illness.

Monica S. Manhattan, NY

Found Dr Lamb because he was convenient (being close to grand central), but i have continued going back to him for over 3 years. I am a serious crossfitter and martial artist. I always try to be as safe as i can, but with being active 6 days a week tweaks happen. Dr. Lamb has always been effective with his treatments as a doctor and kind and sympathetic as a human being. He always sees me at my weakest, because i go to him when something is wrong. He has always fixed whatever that wrong thing is. and i continue to be as active as i want to be. 100% recommend this great doctor and man. all around great guy.

Josh E. New York, NY

Ok so I need my body to be functioning at top performance level because I’m a massage therapist and I may have to massage 5-6 bodies a day. I specialize in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Pre-natal, so I work hard. Adam is one of my secret weapons of my Body Upkeep Team. I understand that physical pain is often psychosomatic, I’ve read John E. Sarno’s books and I’ll be reading Molecules of Emotion next (recommended by Sarno in The Divided Mind), but, I am human, and it’s tough to treat yourself. My neck and SI joints were bothering me for a week, one visit was all I needed yesterday to get me back in action. Thanks Adam, let’s call a spade a spade, you’re the best.

Sherrin B. Manhattan, NY

I’ve tried several different chiropractors in NYC and this is the first one that I really liked and have already returned to (within 1 month).  He was respectful, listened to my issues, treated me and explained everything as he went along.  I discovered he did not take my insurance but is working with me to email receipts so I can easily forward them to my insurance company for reimbursement.  I went in for chronic lower back pain that had flared up yet again and he treated me for the actual problem (one leg slightly shorter than the other) and gave me a small lift for inside my sneaker.  I’ve felt better wearing it and have gone back for an adjustment just a few weeks after my initial visit.  I’d recommend Dr. Lamb – he knows his  craft.  The added bonus was the massage first that loosened up my muscles and I felt amazing after that.

Amy S. New York, NY

I love Dr. Lamb! I am a child of a chiropractor and I’m very particular about who adjusts me. Dr. Lamb is the real deal. He always adjust from head to toe which I appreciate. At first I was a little thrown off by the open adjustment space, but I quickly learned to love it… it’s so much more friendly than sitting in a room by yourself waiting for the doctor to see you. Last, Dr. Lamb is so kind and caring. He took care of me the entire time I lived in NY and even throughout my pregnancy. Now that I’m in Atlanta, I’ll be hard pressed to find someone that will add up!

Teresa A. Atlanta, GA

Best Chiropractor in the business.

Long time reader… first time poster. In fact, I’m finally joining Yelp to write a long overdue review for Dr. Lamb.

I have been to quite a few chiropractors in different cities over the years due to some minor scoliosis and general back problems associated with working on laptops and in airplanes, so I have quite a few other doctors to compare against. Dr. Lamb is far and away the best.

He always does a full head-to-toe adjustment — often finding the source of your pain in somewhere other than you might think! He’s very professional, but as a repeat customer I have an excellent rapport with him and we act as casual friends. I know I am not the only one, as many others seem to know him quite well and keep coming back.

The waiting room does lack privacy, but for us regulars I like the open dialogue. It’s a bit like a community.

In short: Excellent doctor, very reasonable prices, always a good experience.

David T. New York, NY

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