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Does one need to make any preparations before their chiropractic visit?

Some chiropractic techniques require patients to be gowned to allow for skin on skin contact. Most do not and in my office people only need to remove their belts, shoes and any large objects from their pockets. In my office, if someone is wearing a dress or skirt, I drape their lower body with a towel to protect them. Most offices do not do this, so dress appropriately and bring a change of clothes(shorts, sweat pants, t-shirt) if necessary. Besides that, the only other preparation I can think of is to be mentally prepared to relax while getting adjusted and to expect things to move and make some little clicks as in when cracking your knuckles.

What are some of the common complaints that your clients usually have?

Most people come in with neck pain/stiffness, lower back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, scoliosis, torticollis, but people with many other conditions also seek help in my office. Although I help people in any way that I can, employing a variety of physical therapy modalities and other means, I first and foremost give people chiropractic adjustments so that their bodies can heal better and function properly.

What are the medical conditions that chiropractic can help with?

Many chiropractors advertise that they can help with neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, digestion, blood pressure, and many other musculoskeletal and organic ailments/issues. The main purpose of chiropractic is to allow the brain to communicate with the body properly. If this is possible, then every aspect of the body is going to be able to function better and to be at ease.

What are some of the reasons why chiropractic wouldn’t work for someone?

If we can effect a change in the nervous system through a chiropractic adjustment, something will happen. It may not be the immediate result one is looking for (as in when you are seeking pain relief and it still hurts after the adjustment), but the body will function better on some level (even when unnoticed) and the ability to heal and perform better improves.

Are there any side effects to getting a chiropractic session?

Occasionally, after the first few adjustments, depending on the technique, people can be a bit sore. It’s much like engaging in an exercise that one has never done before or hasn’t done in a while and their body is just not used to it yet.

Are there certain medical conditions in which chiropractic would be contraindicated?

There are certain medical conditions in which certain chiropractic adjustments or techniques would be contraindicated.  An example would be, if a person had severe neck trauma, perhaps cervical adjustments involving too much force or rotation would be contraindicated.  That same person could still see a chiropractor and get a variety of gentle. low force techniques that would be safe and effective.

Should a person only visit a chiropractor when they’re in pain?

Most people first go to a chiropractor because of pain. Most pain is due to pressure on nerves. Once they start getting adjusted and properly aligned, pressure is gradually removed from nerves and the pain goes away. This does not mean there is no danger of pain returning and it does not mean that the entire body is no functioning at optimal levels. Regular chiropractic care helps improve performance and healing on many levels. A fun quote I’ve seen around is, “Going to the chiropractor just for pain is like robbing a bank and only taking the pens”

How does one choose the right chiropractor for them?

There are many different chiropractic techniques and each chiropractor’s philosophy on treatment methods can vary widely. Take your time and research a few chiropractor’s websites and see what resonates with you. All techniques work, but some people prefer one method to another. As a chiropractor who has been getting regular adjustments for over 30 years and has been adjusted by a couple hundred different chiropractor’s, I love to try new techniques and experience others styles, but I practice the way I would want things done to me.

How long should someone wait before they expect to see results from their chiropractic visit?

I do not believe in making any guarantees in relation to symptomatic relief. There are many factors influencing the speed of recovery in any given situation. Chiropractic is NOT designed to make you instantly FEEL better. It IS designed to make you instantly HEAL better. That being said, most people will report feeling better after a chiropractic adjustment.

Is chiropractic covered by medical insurance or not?

Chiropractic is often covered by insurance, but it varies by plan. Many people pay a lot of money for insurance and think they have coverage, only to find out that they have large deductibles that need to be met first. If you are seeing many medical doctors for expensive treatments, these deductibles can be met quickly, but if you are seeing a chiropractor once a week, sometimes these deductibles are never met.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by nutritional support?

Chiropractic is just one part of being healthy. Proper nutrition is very important and many chiropractors like myself offer varying degrees of nutritional advice and often have some products available in office.

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